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Learn Night Light Full Course – Season 1

$900.00 $650.00


It gets dark every night. We have the ability using landscape lighting to make residential and commercial outdoor spaces visually comfortable at night. This collection of ten individual course lesson sessions, available as a set or one at a time, provides the groundwork that lighting designers need to create safe and pleasing night environments. The specifics and intricacies of landscape lighting differ from other types of lighting. Looking at the science and the art of lighting, how humans perceive light, and how we use light to guide humans through a night landscape space, this program will elevate understanding and expand creativity.

This program will open designers eyes to better harness the possibilities light offers. Sharing the Lighting tools to create effects that produce usable, sustainable night systems, Jan shares multitudes of details she has learned over 45 years in the field.

While LED technology has vastly changed how we build a lighting design, the basic tools have not changed. This course will remind us of all that we knew before the technology change, so that we not only don’t take steps backwards, but learn to produce better night spaces across our globe.


Our goal is to liberate those who are starting out in the lighting industry and want to elevate their work beyond the scope of basic lighting designs or support those that have been instinctively creating unique lighting environments through some of the same practices we will discuss but without any formal training. The purpose of this documentary project is to provide Lighting Designers a proven and scientific system to execute and put into place for every lighting design project they work on going forward.

Whether you are looking for a career or are out to change the world, as the demand for trained Lighting Designers has grown in popularity, there are more career paths than ever available to the aspiring service industry Entrepreneur. Janet Lennox Moyer’s students have gone on to serve in many industries and thrive in companies because of their distinguished and varied skills and the challenging curriculum has received National recognition because of Jan’s prestigious background.


• Over 10 lectures and hours of content!
• Video, Image and Quiz Training Resources Included.
• Learn Lighting Application Concepts from a professional World-Renowned trainer from your own desk.
• Information packed from training starting with basic techniques to advanced planning processes.
• Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users who like learn fast watching videos.
• Course content designed by considering lighting design applications for outdoor landscapes.
• Practical Landscape Lighting Quiz Assignments at the end of every lesson.
• Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.

Course Features

  • Lectures 40
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Students 185
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Yes

Jan began her lighting design career in 1976. She has worked on large and small projects from the Defense Intelligence Agency’s first home to winery caves and entertainment gardens to botanical gardens. She began specializing in landscape lighting in the mid 1980’s and wrote the essential book used around the world, The Landscape Lighting Book, first released in 1992, now in its third edition, 2013, from the publisher John Wiley & Sons. Jan’s husband, George Gruel produced a book of Jan’s lighting projects called, She Paints with Light to help people visualize landscape lighting. Jan has taught since undergraduate school and founded The International Landscape Lighting Institute, a 501(C) (3) educational non-profit. Currently, Jan is finishing the last of 12 videos for a new educational platform Garden Light LED is producing called Learn•Night•Light. The first 10 to be released in Fall 2019. Jan has written countless articles and been included in multiple books on lighting. She has begun work on a full-color design book with Routledge, London, The Art of Landscape Lighting, A Designers Companion, that will provide inspiration for designers through showing what she has learned over more than 45 years of lighting design.


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