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Our goal is to liberate those who are in the lighting industry and want to elevate their work beyond the scope of basic lighting designs, or support those that have been instinctively creating unique lighting environments without any formal training. The purpose of this documentary project is to provide Lighting Designers a proven and scientific system to execute and put into place for every lighting design project they work on going forward.

Light within a landscape can reveal an enchanting nighttime perspective; plants, structures, art, and water take on new dimensions and appearances. Professional landscape lighting design ensures human safety and security; beautifully erudite garden illumination; respect for environmental harmony; and observance of municipal lighting ordinances.

Meet Your Instructors

They're professional in knowledge and have an enthusiastic understanding about the course with decades of experience in the Landscape Lighting industry.

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This course offers the opportunity to customize your learning experiences and achieve academic excellence to brighten your future with outdoor landscape lighting designs.

Effective Lessons

All lessons have been designed by experienced instructors with interactive teaching techniques that will help you to achieve excellence.

Awesome Quizzes

In each course episode, you will have the opportunity to answer questions, provide feedback and take informative quizzes to help with each lesson.

Quality Videos

Save time and money by learning on your schedule alongside industry legends as they share their decades of knowledge through high quality videos.

Shared Content

Upload documents, images, and resources to share with the community. Simply drag and drop content from your computer straight into the course to share.


Build your profile and start conversations and collaborate within your new Learn Night Light community of professionals with social media forums.

Cost Effective

This course for outdoor landscape lighting learners offers beginners and professionals the chance to gain years of knowledge without the expensive costs.



The Learn Night Light academic goals that we know you will achieve.


Improved skills for understanding and planning advanced landscape lighting designs.

Self Learning

The ability to learn on your schedule to enhance your life and future projects as a professional lighting designer.


The knowledge to reflect and improve your approach to different types of lighting design applications.

What People Say

Take it from these past ILLI attendees, your instructor Janet Lennox Moyer knows her stuff!


Nels Peterson

Lighting Designer

“ An international organization of dedicated lighting professionals that strive to further the entire landscape lighting industry, lighting design and responsible and sustainable installations. Simply the best hands on instruction available for designers and a wonderful network opportunity. ”


Kevin Fontaine

Lighting Business Owner

“ Learning the history of outdoor lighting, theory and concepts created from world renown landscape lighting designer Janet Lennox Moyer was truly inspiring and awarding. Thank you! ”

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